Grand Prix du Midi Libre : Tour de France Nostalgia….

…..South West France’s (Pyrenees) former week long preparation race for Le Tour de France just as the Criterium du Dauphine is South East France’s (Alps) preparation race for Le Tour which still continues to this day. The first edition of the GP Prix du Midi Libre was in 1949 (Criterium du Dauphine 1947), and before the race’s demise in 2004, there were 55 editions of the race including one edition of the race under the name of Tour du Languedoc-Rousillon.  …

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BOOK CORNER : ‘The Economics of Professional Road Cycling’……….

…….’Compulsory’ reading for anyone involved with Professional Road Cycling whether it be ‘on-bike’ or ‘off-bike’ activities as discusses all the commercial consequences of professional road cycling which now attracts extremely large sums of money. Although some would regard the book as an academic and historic perspective, which it is, it is extremely well written and anyone involved with the sport ‘should’ certainly be able to relate to all the topics discussed whether Team Owners/Management, Race Owners/Management, Riders, Governing Bodies, Agents, Sponsorship Agencies, Sponsors, Media, Social Media etc etc.…

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Absolutely ‘Nailed-On’ Marketing…………..

………fantastic campaign Speedo have created with regard to swimming being a great training discipline for cycling……..and it is great to see cross-sport / cross-training marketing being utilised with an intelligent and sensible message……other marketeers take note !!…

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