Professional Road Cycling Sponsorship – ‘Global not Parochial’

I have been lucky enough to work alongside the Commercial Directors of three UCI registered teams who understand the direction and global status of Professional road cycling but I have also been unlucky enough to have witnessed the old fashioned methodology of the sport, so when I read an article last week with regard to a UCI registered team’s search for a sponsor and thought I would write a quick article with my thoughts.…

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Behavioral Economics : The Global Footprint of Road Cycling

Today, the sport of professional road cycling is a global sport which has certainly extended it’s footprint beyond the traditional countries of Western Europe consisting of many International athletes and many global events, and additionally, emerging markets are enhancing the sports’s global growth as a spectator and participant sport with growth in Asian, Latin American countries and in the Former Soviet Republics.…

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How ‘Green’​ is Professional Road Cycling?

An example diagram of The Official Race Convoy in a stage race such as Le Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, Vuelta Espana

Add the Publicity Caravan consisting of many vehicles of the race sponsors/commercial partners promoting their brands which will be an hour in advance of the Official Convoy and it makes you think…………..…

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