Croatian Cycling Vocabulary : Hrvatski Biciklizam Vokabular

Following my Basque Cycling Vocabulary list and to continue with my theme of cycling vocabulary of the more diverse languages from the different countries which host high profile UCI registered road races, with The Tour of Croatia 2017 now underway, I thought I would create a Croatian Cycling Vocabulary List.

The Tour of Croatia is the largest and most important annual sporting event in Croatia and the most high profile annual sporting event in Southeast Europe.…

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Which professional sports other than professional road cycling have such an incredibly diverse number of nationalities competing at the ‘pinnacle’….

…….of one particular professional sport? Answer – NONE……which is more reason for NGOs, businesses and organisations to utilise professional road cycling as an ideal worldwide lifestyle platform to magnify activities and commercial business activities to a mass global audience.

TBProcycling carried out the survey from male and female teams in 2016 season and the information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge at 5th January 2017 and would actually be very similar at the time of the publishing of this article with regard to the current 2017 season.…

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