Sponsorships and Commercial Rights for Professional Road Cycling Teams, Races and Riders



Organisations choose individuals which they have affinity with and fit their corporate needs. With the development of progression of social media, professional road cyclists are ideal brand ambassadors for brands to build emotional connections to a targeted audience.

Brand Benefits

The professional and recreational sport of professional road cycling overcomes the demographic, social and gender barriers which other sports can create and appeals to all age groups – Consumers are 3x more likely to engage with a brand or organisation which shares values and affinity.



Professional road cycling teams race thousands of kilometres each year encompassing thousands of towns and cities on all five continents of the world enabling companies and organisations to maximise exposure to a huge and engaged audience.


The duration of the professional road cycling season extends from January to the end of October and is one of the longest seasons in professional sport with over 270 races in Europe alone and with 40 million spectators attending races each year. The total annual global TV broadcast hours is in excess of 65k via terrestrial TV coverage and Eurosport, with the latter providing efficient worldwide distribution for fragmented national media markets.


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